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Advocacy Healthcare Bill Update on BCRA



What the GOP Senate bill does and doesn’t from the ACA

by Andy Slavitt (expert in healthcare policy)
former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Provided 7/14/17 as an image format: converted to text as shown with a few notes:

The parts of the ACA are not repealed, but are made worse…

X Deductibles – much higher ($6300 average)
X Premiums – for the same policy much higher (74%)
X Competition (reduced per CBO)
X Affordability (low income, sick and seniors worse, healthy and young better)
X Subsidies dramatically slashed but remain

Our note: increased premiums will again cause millions to lose insurance (CBO will provide data-based estimate) – to opt out, out of necessity (pay rent, food)

What is repealed

x The Medicaid safety net from 1965 protection is capped
x The 3:1 age protection for older Americans repealed to 5:1
x Single risk pool is repealed
x Medicaid expansion is repealed (15 Million will lose coverage)
x Federal patient protections are repealed with state request ***
  -- Preexisting conditions
  -- Essential benefits like mental health
  -- Lifetime caps and limits
x Employer insurance protections for lifetime caps and limits

*** Exception: Congress only Americans guaranteed essential benefits. 
Our note: state request provision could cause "race to the bottom" as employers can purchase insurance for workers across state lines

What is added

- A 6 month lockout for buying insurance for missing payments
- HSAs as a tax shelter for wealthy individuals

Analysis based on latest CBO, BCRA July 13

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