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Advocacy > 2008:  Money and Budget Matters

Last update: 07/22/2014

We provide information about how our taxes and donations are being applied to research here.

  • Nation's investment in cancer search (2008) http://plan.cancer.gov/budget.shtml  
    Fiscal Year 2007 Estimate $4,696,227
    Current Services Increase 282,998
      Subtotal $4,979,225
    Fiscal Year 2008 Additional Resources
      Increase Success Rate for Research Project Grants 277,000
      Expanding Cancer Center Research 77,000
      Linking Science and Technology 170,000
      Integrating Science through Interdisciplinary Teams 196,000
      Cancer Clinical Trials 100,000
      Subtotal $820,000
    Total NCI $5,799,225
    * Does not include the NCI contribution to the NIH Roadmap.

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) budget 2005-7: http://www.hhs.gov/budget/07budget/centersformed.html#cmsovrv 
  • The NIH Budget and the Future of Biomedical Research - content.nejm.org

    Joseph Loscalzo, M.D., Ph.D.

    Whatever mechanisms are ultimately chosen, it seems clear that new methods of support must be developed if biomedical research is to continue to thrive in the United States. The goal of a durable, steady stream of support for research in the life sciences has never been more pressing, since the research derived from that support has never promised greater benefits. The fate of life-sciences research should not be consigned to the political winds of Washington.
  • Projecting Future Drug Expenditures--2004 - Medscape (free login req.)
  • Hidden drug-re-import potential (commentary) - Washington Times
  • Clinical Research "Undernourished" in U.S. Health System - Medscape 2004 (free login req.)
  • Clinical Trials Cost No More Than Standard Care 2000/05/26 - ACS
  • New Medicare policy will deny access to novel therapies, including treatments 
    that win approval based on surrogate endpoints.  Click here to act
  • Act Now: Support Full NIH Funding for Medical Research
  • NCI Bypass Budget - NIH
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