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Last update: 05/24/2011


The following books have been recommended as helpful resources by patients, caregivers, and advisors. You can recommend a book by clicking here 

Patient-Recommended Books

David, Kate, Michael and Sam Treadway

Home Before Dark: A Family Portrait of Cancer and Healing

"This honest story by the Treadway family was remarkable, not only in their description of understanding and accepting David's cancer, but in dealing with everyday life. Their open sharing shows us that we all start from our own "ground zero", even before a crisis comes into our lives. "

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

When a Parent Has Cancer:

copying review: "When my husband was diagnosed with cancer our children were 5 and 7 years old. This book gave us the tools to use to talk to them about cancer. Illness, chemotherapy and even death were topics that we suddenly had to confront. Dr. Harpham's book provided insight in dealing with a frigtening topic in a calm and reasuring manner. "

Dr. Jerome Groopman

The Anatomy of Hope

Discusses "True hope" and it's importance to survival -   "When a patient finds true hope, it's very different than optimism."

H. Winter Griffith, MD, Fisher Books

Complete Guide to Medical Tests

"Eating Well Through Cancer"

by Holly Clegg & Gerald Miletello, M.D. 
I have found the recipes to be simple, healthy and appealing. She also provides food lists and tips for each condition.

Handbook of Medical Treatment

William Skach, MD, Charles Daley, MD & Christopher Forsmark, MD, Jones Medical Publications

"Happiness in a Storm"

by Dr. Wendy Schlessel Harpham. 
Dr. Harpham is also a survivor of NHL for many years. She has been through the mill. I would recommend this book. It is excellent in content and delivery.  Ann

House Calls

Patch Adams, Robert D. Reed Publishers

"Living with Lymphoma: A Patient's Guide"

by Elizabeth M. Adler.
YES! Excellent book for both patients and families of patients, or anyone interested in this dx.  ~ 

"Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas: 
Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment & Options"

by Lorraine Johnson 
A few years ago there was a book by Lorraine Johnson that was really good. She had interviewed several of us before she wrote it. ~ Ronnie

Take This Book to The Hospital With You, 

A Consumers Guide to Surveying Your Hospital Stay, Charles Inlander & Ed Weiner, People’s Medical Society

The Best Medicine

Robert Arnot, MD, Addison-Wesley Publications

"The Patient from Hell: How I Worked with My Doctors to Get the Best of Modern Medicine and How You  Can Too"

by Stephen Schneider 

I really like Stephen Schneider's book as it teaches people how to apply scientific thinking to  treatment decisions and how to work with your doctors on a deeper and  more equal level than some of the other advice I've seen. I own a  number of the others that you list, and like them, but Stephen's book really got me to sit down and just read it. ~ Andy

The Roller Coaster Chronicles by Betsy de Parry

An intimate, humorous portrait of illness and recovery…a source of education about new treatments…and a handbook of support, inspiration and hope. 

"A must read for fellow patients who will learn that a diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence, and for doctors as well, who will learn that there’s more to a patient’s illness than what can be found on a chart."  - GERALDINE FERRARO, Cancer Survivor and Candidate for Vice-President of the United States of America


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