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Positive Thinking ~ Lana (NHL-info)

Last update: 01/26/2004

(While you read this please have in mind that English is my second language )

Dear group,

I can only share what I know, hoping that it might help someone at least a  little bit. And I don't know how positive thinking and love can change individual's life, but it certainly helped my family, me and my dad to deal with NHL and other problems we had before. We experienced no depression (including my dad and my mom), my dad had no side effects from chemo, nor one sick and painful day in a bad.

Also, since I introduced my husband to some principals on positive thinking and Law of Attraction he handles work stress much better and his glass is now almost always "half full" instead of always "half empty" as it used to be before. 

It's very hard to control our thoughts, but with practice we can control them sometimes. If we start paying attention to what we are thinking, we'll notice it's almost never something good. Always something that bothers us, doesn't feel good, we don't like, we want because we don't have it and so on. 

Start practicing every day 3-4 times a day to "see" yourselves in a place that feels good, hear the sounds of that place, smell the smells and see the surroundings for just 17 seconds. Feel the pleasure of being there, feel that love. No problem solving in those 17 seconds, no fixing anything, just you and the beauty of the place. 

It's hard in the beginning but with practice it becomes easier. And whenever you have a flow of negative emotions come to you, try to go back to that place. Of course you have to start practicing when you are not in a such down mood. And if you are feeling down, and this meditation doesn't seem to be working, you try again, and little bit later again and before you know it the edge is off.

I'm not saying that positive thinking is healing cancer, but it just might change the way you look at it, or the way you approach it, or just the way you live your life while dealing with it. 

I analyzed the people I know and find out that the ones that are so "lucky" and healthy are always seeing things differently than me. And everything was going their way. On the other hand the people who were always finding the faults and that had no "good luck." Things were working against them. They also never BELIEVED or EXPECTED things to work for them. 

So, if we all KNOW what we want, BELIEVE (or PRETEND) that we already have it (and not lack of that), EXPECT it and ALLOW it, we could all be the lucky ones, just the way Universe wants us to be. Giving that everything is energy, the Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract to us everything we give a thought to, the more thought you give the more energy that thing has and the bigger reality it becomes. 

If we think how much we would love more money we are giving the thought to the fact that we don't have enough, so we never have more. But if we think about how much we love those beautiful shoes (house, dog, vase...) we have, we are giving a thought to something good and more we get. Maybe, feeling grateful every morning about the fact that we ca open our eyes and see the day, smell the fresh air, and hear the birds (cars or kids screaming), will bring us more of health, or at least take our mind from things that are bordering us. 

I try this every day, and most of the time it works and sometimes doesn't, but then I try again. And when everything else fails, I look at a picture of my kids that I took in a moment of their and my happy moment. It serves as a focus to bring me back in a place of LOVE. And it always works. This is just my opinion and experience. 

Good books to read:

"Excuse Me, My Life Is Waiting" -the astonishing power of feelings - by Lynn Grabhorn

Anything from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 

"The Dynamic Laws of Healing" by Catherine Ponder, book highly recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup

~ Lana (NHL-info)

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