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Last update: 04/22/2010

Introduction | Download Workbook or NCI Booklet | Instructions | Feedback


Welcome!  On this page you will find information about a resource for individuals with cancer, particularly geared towards those who have completed a course of treatment for cancer.  

As a lymphoma survivor and a psychologist I became interested in how we cope with cancer treatment in the months and years after treatment, and how we make meaning of the experience of cancer.  

In my exploration of this topic, I found a great booklet produced by the National Cancer Institute about life after cancer.   I thought it might be useful to put together a workbook to go along with this booklet where people could respond to specific questions about the reading and also do more open-ended journaling.

I am interested in doing some research on this topic - how do people adapt after treatment, heal, and grow, psychologically and perhaps spiritually.  But for now, I wanted to make this resource available to other lymphoma survivors.  I wanted you to have it and I am also interested in any feedback you may have about the workbook that may help me to improve it. 

- Jennifer Moye


Download my workbook:

Click here to open in RTF file format 
(You can open in Word, and then save it to your hard disk)


Click here to open in PDF file format

(You can open and print this with Adobe Acrobat)
Download the NCI booklet:

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(You can open and print this with file with Adobe Acrobat) See PDF-Help


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You will need both as the workbook refers to reading in the NCI booklet.

Once you download both, start by turning to the workbook.  You will find instructions that explain how to use the workbook.  Each week it suggests reading from the NCI booklet, and offers some questions for  consideration and some space for open-ended writing.  Obviously, you don't have to answer every question but can focus on those that seem more relevant to you. 

For example, in week three the workbook suggests you read the NCI booklet section on healthcare, then asks some questions about your experience of healthcare providers, contrasting situations where you felt in control or not in control, and asking you to reflect on what makes for a good healthcare experience.   Later, in week eleven, the workbook suggests you read the NCI booklet section on friends, then asks some questions about the support you received from family and friends and how your experience with
cancer changed your relationships with family and friends. 


If you have any feedback about the workbook, you will find at the end of the workbook a feedback form that you can email to me along with my email address.  I would really appreciate your help in making the workbook more useful.

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