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Last update: 05/22/2003


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"Three major histopathologic categories: 

  • small noncleaved cell, 
  • large cell immunoblastic, plasmacytoid, 
  • and large noncleaved cell lymphomas. 

Approx 90% of AIDS-associated NHLs express B-cell immunophenotypes including expression of monotypic surface Ig and/or the B cell-associated antigen CD20 (B1) and absence of T cell-associated antigens. 

Approx 10% of AIDS-associated NHLs lack B- and T-cell-lineage restricted antigens. HIV appears not to be involved directly in the pathogenesis of AIDS-associated lymphoid neoplasia, because HIV DNA sequences could not be detected in AIDS-associated lymphoid neoplasms. 

EBV, however, may be involved in the pathogenesis of up to one third of AIDS-associated B-NHLs"

- aegis.com

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