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Last update: 06/23/2016


Focus on Clinical Trials 

Study Results for Lymphoma and CLL trials with start and end dates, number enrolled
How long does it take to complete a typical study?
 How many completed studies are practice changing or inform future studies?

Review: 7 Reasons to Consider Trials  | How to Ask About Trials

Call NCI | Tools  | Related Resources  | Trial Survey

Call National Cancer Institute toll-free: 1-800-4-CANCER

TTY: 1-800-332-8615  | 1-800-332-8615

By Sponsors  CALG-B (ALLIANCE) | NCTN (all cooperative groups) |
 Alliance and NCTN Clinical Trials (all cancers) including lymphoma

Search Tools:  See also Focus on Trials!

See Phase III for Lymphoma OR CLL 
comparing and advancing the standard of care
Gene profiling- / biomarker-based trials for 
Follicular | CLL | DLBCL | HodgkinsMCL | T-cell | Unspecified
Search for trials using TrialCheck.org  
(easy to use - by Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups)

Let us Help You Find Trials email a PAL

See NCI-sponsored trials for Lymphoma  Cancer.gov 

See International Clinical Trial Search by WHO

Other Ways to Locate Trials (such as by grade) 

Expanded Access Trials

Includes filters for age, fatigue, first-line, grade,
phase, stage, and refractory


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Looking on a forum I frequent, I found a post by Patients Against Lymphoma. It listed many clinical trials around the country. One was a trial at U of M only 50 miles from me. I qualified, and that trial gave me the hope of a better outcome that I was looking for."

~ Tom (WebMagic forum)

Essentials for Patients:


How To Inquire About Clinical Trials


7 Reasons to Consider Clinical Trials based on our clinical circumstances


Questions for Your Doctor about Trials


A way to start the conversation about trials (bring our survey to your next consult)  


Our Travel and Lodging Resource page

Background for patients:


Clinical Questions that Can Be Only Answered by Clinical Trials


Important points about side effects


Conflict of Interest in Medical Decision-making

Key questions for patients:


Big Picture Questions


What is the natural history of my type of lymphoma, and how effective is the standard of care? 


What are my unique risk factors?


What clinical trials are appropriate as therapy for my circumstance - which seem to compare well with the standard of care?

Research Advocacy

Our projects:


Our Clinical Trial Surveys and Advocacy Projects

Oncologist survey (open)
Patient survey (complete) Report and JCO abstract


Proposal for ClinicalTrials.gov (open) 

Background on urgent need to improve accrual

In an era of increasing opportunities to improve outcomes arising from insights into the biology of lymphoma there is a more urgent need to improve accrual!


The Terrible impact of low enrollment on clinical research 

And related articles on the crisis in clinical research

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Related Resources


About PAL's Tools to Locate Lymphoma and CLL Trials

Expanded Access (Compassionate Use)
Other Trial Resources | PDQ | Travel Help | Informed Consent
NCI: Which Study Results Are the Most Helpful in Making Cancer Care Decisions?
Accelerated Approval (AA) for Oncology Drug Minutes of  Advisory Meeting:
 http://1.usa.gov/dVkY23  (406 pages.)
Please take our VERY short Trial of Interest Survey for untreated Follicular Lymphoma
For patients, caregivers, or oncologists!
NCI Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies  Cancer.gov | PDF
Oncologists Divided Over Experimental Treatments  Medscape (free login req.) 
Results of a survey to help understand why cancer patients choose to enter or not to 
enter cancer clinical trials.  actmagazine 
Public Registration of Clinical Trials ~ Robert Steinbrook, M.D.  NEJM 2004
Would a clinical trial be appropriate for me? Questions for your doctor. 
A free printable brochure prepared by Patients Against Lymphoma  PDF 
How to Use and Conduct More Specific ClinicalTrials.gov Searches

Protocol registration system (for drug sponsors)  http://prsinfo.clinicaltrials.gov

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How to use ClinicalTrials.gov

Following a keyword search or using one of queries:

A list of protocols will appear in a new ClinicalTrials.gov window.


TIP:  Click the Results on Map tab to find studies near you.

  1. From the list of studies, click the protocol name to open it.

  2. Review the Inclusion and Exclusion information to see if you are eligible to participate.

  3. The protocol will often provide contact information. 

    Feel free to contact investigators directly, but we feel that it's best to have the investigator and
    your treating oncologist discuss the potential of the study to meet your clinical needs -- relative to other options.

  4. If feasible:  Consult an independent Expert for the most objective information about what trials may be appropriate for you.

  5. You can come back and check for updates by clicking the same links again to re-execute the queries.
    Need a more specific search?  Click here to request a personalized Clinical Trials search. 

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