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Advocacy >  The North American Consortium for
Familial* Hematologic (blood cell) Malignancies

Last update: 10/11/2013

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*Familial means "common to families: relating to or involving a family.

Who we are

The North American Consortium for Familial Hematologic Malignancies (NACFHM) is comprised of a group of investigators located throughout the United States and Canada which seeks to understand how the genetic material that each person inherits from his/her parents could contribute to developing a bone marrow cancer.

Our website is here:
www.bonemarrowcancersupport.webs.com  but over time, we may move it... working on a different interface.

What we will be studying

In this study, the NACFHM investigators will follow over time individuals within families who have inherited bone marrow cancers. The NACFHM will describe any medical problems commonly found in these individuals/families. For example, some of these individuals have abnormal blood clotting.

The NACFHM will also look for the other changes that lead to the development of the blood cancer. The NACFHM will also try to understand why some members of a family develop cancer, whereas others do not.

The NACFHM will study the psychological impact of having a predisposition to developing a bone marrow malignancy, and finally, the NACFHM will try to identify families with a familial predisposition in which only one member of a family has developed a malignancy, and therefore, may not be suspected of having this condition.

Advocates needed

Email contact: Mica Witt

We are looking for patient advocates who would be interested in joining or forming a new advocacy group focused on inherited bone marrow-derived cancers.

The purpose of the advocacy group would be to advise us on our NIH proposal to form a consortium of investigators throughout US and Canada who will study inherited bone marrow cancers. The grant is due in early November. If the grant is funded, the advocacy group would work with us to recruit patients.

Examples would be

Familial CLL; multiple bone marrow cancers within 2 generations- such as in a person and his/her children/grandchildren/parents/or grandparents.



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